Virtual Voyages

Virtual Voyages are 4-week programs that help students transform into global collaborators and develop a cosmopolitan edge over their peers. Short term benefits include improved college and scholarship applications, awareness about global issues, and early networking opportunities with local and international leaders. Read below for more.

4-Week Schedule

Ever wanted to make a social impact and help the world?
Ever wondered how multinational teams collaborate virtually?
Looking to boost your resume with a solid skill-set from an early age to get ahead of your peers?

Virtual Voyages is the answer to all your questions.

Each week will focus on a separate area for holistic development of the students. Tasks are categorized into Quests (easy individual tasks), Missions (academic and learning activities) and Adventures (difficult group tasks).

Week 1: Cultural Exchange

The first week of Virtual Voyages focuses on getting students comfortable with each other as a team. The activities focus on cultural exchange, ice-breaking sessions, and learning the basics of Trello and Discord – the tools we use for communication and project management. Students are given one Adventure for the weekend to work on as a team.

Week 2: Social Entrepreneur

How to efficiently work on a common project with a virtual, diverse team? This question is very relevant in the post-COVID era, and we teach students how to solve problems while also sustaining as a business. The second week focuses on the entrepreneurial aspects for the student.

Week 3: Finance, Research and Technology

We follow up from the 2nd week and give students specific tasks related to their interests in marketing, research, design, technology and finance. They are taught relevant tools required for their tasks.

Week 4: Presenting to Guest Speakers

During this concluding week, we invite guests to talk about their specific fields of expertise and judge student presentations, grading them and providing feedback on their work. Students are taught about effective presentations and given networking opportunities with various companies.

Why Global?

COVID-19 has changed our world in many ways, and the most obvious of that has been remote working. With most businesses going virtual, they are more inclined of hiring employees from around the world. In these multinational virtual teams, efficient collaboration is
the key to success.

Thus, our theme of Virtual Voyages is around collaborating in teams consisting of a diverse skill-set, background, culture, attitude, and languages. We want to make sure that every student is trained accordingly.

Case-based and Inquiry-based Learning


Fun, Individual and Easy Tasks:

  • Watching a video
  • Reading a blog
  • Writing a paragraph
  • Creating a survey
  • Providing feedback
  • Virtual team games


Informative Academic Activities:

  • Taking an interview
  • Watching tutorials
  • Writing articles
  • Designing graphics
  • Analyzing models
  • Peer reviewing


Once a week, collaborative and fun filled tasks:

  • Coming up with a business idea
  • Building a social media campaign
  • Creating a song or an informative play

Benefits for the Students

  • Majority of colleges and universities value international exposure as a distinguishing factor. Participating in Virtual Voyages will also boost your students’ scholarship opportunities.
  • Learning about global issues will transform your students into global leaders and problem solvers, which is the need of the hour.
  • 64% of employers would prefer a candidate with some amount of international exposure. 92% of companies look for transferable skills in potential employees that are developed through global interactions.
  • International recognition and networking opportunities.
  • Reduced workload on your teachers for co-curricular activities.
  • Build a strong application for the various International School Awards and grants for your school.
  • Access to Saathi GEN’s online platform to interact with thousands of educators around the world.
  • Inviting international speakers, conducting teacher workshops, and sharing school updates with connections.

Benefits for the Schools

Topics Covered in Virtual Voyages


Through Virtual Voyages, the student develops creativity, innovation, and the ability to think out of the box. Students are exposed to some important design tools that will help them throughout their career in various roles. The projects that they build during the program act like frosting on a cake for their college applications.



Skills in finance make a student organized, systematic, and far-sighted. Effective handling of finances can be transformative for one’s career. It allows one to maximize efficiency as well as forecast the future trends. With Virtual Voyages, students get a head start in learning financial skills.