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Need help with an issue? The quickest way to resolve it might be to browse through this carefully designed content and troubleshoot it. Simply click on one of the categories below and you will be redirected to the corresponding set of answered queries. If you still have trouble finding answers, submit us a ticket through the form at the bottom.


1. Who Can Sign Up?

Saathi Global Education Network is made exclusively for schools and school officials. We only allow verified school administrators, coordinators, faculty staff and other members to sign up. Any representative from an accredited school can register at Saathi GEN by completing the sign-up procedure here.

Once a reprenstative registers their school for the first time, they are given complete access to the platform (super-admin previliges) after profile verification.

2. How to register your school?

To register your school, simply click on the “Get Started” button at the top. You will be redirected to, where you can find the “Register” button in the top-right corner in the navigation bar. Just click on that and follow the 6-step registration process. Please make sure that you have your school ID ready with you so you can immediately verify your profile.

3. How to verify your account?

To verify your account, you will need to go through these steps:

1. Email verification:

After finishing Step-2 of the registration process, you will get an email from [email protected] for verification. Simply click on the provided link to verify your email.

2. Profile Verification:

To verify that you are a real human and the admin of the school that you are registering, you will be prompted to submit a photo of your official school ID along with you holding that ID. Please refer to the sample picture that is provided during the registration process in case of any confusion. Note that this data is not stored and is deleted as soon as we have manually verified your profile and cross-checked with other sources.

In the near future, we are planning to carry out manual verification of the school’s profile by having Saathi Ambassadors inpect campuses to verify the submitted information. Authenticity and online security are most important to us.

4. How to edit/update school and personal profiles?

Only super-admins and admins have the permission to edit school profiles, while all members can edit their personal profiles. Editing school profile is very simple and intuitive. Simply click on “Your School” tab on the left sidebar. Then, hover over the information that you want to edit or update, and simply fill out the fields in the pop-up form (refer to the GIF image below).

For updating your personal profiles, visit your profile by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on the pencil icon right next to each heading in order to edit it.

school profile Saathi Global Education Network

5. How to invite teachers and/or other admins?

There are three levels of permission for any school member on Saathi GEN:

Staff can be invited by either Admins or Super Admins. They have access to all features of the platform such as Exploring, posting Hot School Wires, giving and receiving Endrosements, etc. However, Staff cannot edit school profiles or send connection requests to other schools.

Admins are invited by super admins to help them manage the school profile. Admins can edit school profile, post Hot School Wires, invite members as Staff, send connection requests, and much more!

A Super Admin is the original account holder for a school who has the permission to add other admins & staff, edit school profile, edit payment details, update membership type, deactivate the account, remove any member from the school profile, and everything else than an Admin can do. The super admin’s profile is visible to all verified members of Saathi GEN irrespective of their connection status.

6. What does the Saathi GEN membership cost?

Becoming a member of Saathi GEN is completely free due to our 30-day trial period that comes with every type of membership plan. After the trial period ends, we automatically renew a school’s membership based on the plan that was selected by the Super Admin during registration. Note that we only charge a school as an institution, which allows unlimited number of officials from that school to join. There are four paid plans available:

Quarterly: 3-month membership – 0% Discount

Semi-Annual: 6-month membership – 16.67% Discount

Annual: 12-month membership – 37.5% Discount

Lifetime: One time payment for lifetime membership

The price differs for each country. Please refer to the table below for details (Note: these prices are without tax):

Pricing Chart for Saathi GEN membership

7. How to recover a lost password?

If you don’t remember your password or simply want to reset it, visit and click on “Forgot Password”. You will be redirected to the password reset page, where you can enter the email associated with your account and press “Submit”. Please note that if you do not already have an account with Saathi GEN then you will not receive a password reset link.

Once you receive the email, simply click on the password reset link and enter a new, strong password to secure your account.

8. How do I delete my account?

We hope that this is never the case, but if you ever want to delete your account, please write to us at [email protected] with the subject “Account Deletion Request” and state your case. We will delete your account at your request, but please note that we do not process any refund in this case. Your data will be stored in our system for 30 days for security purposes, and it will automatically be parmanently deleted after 30 days of processing the request. It won’t be possible to restore any information you may have stored in your account post this.

You also have the option to simply deactivate your account instead of deleting. This allows you to keep your profile hidden and inactive, but without the risk of losing any progress or information you may have associated with your account. For deactivating your account, please go to “Settings” and under the “Account” tab, find the option for deactivating your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Saathi Global Education Network for?

Saathi Global Education Network is about diversity, all-round development, and global awareness. We help all stakeholders in the education sector come together in a centralized, systematic manner. The following categories of people can use Saathi GEN for various purposes:

School Admins and Coordinators are the main users of the platform. Only they have the power to create a school account and verify it. They can use Saathi GEN mainly for networking and marketing purposes: finding new schools to connect with, facilitating various international collaborations, planning events and activities, market research, and earning various awards for media traction and global recognition.

Teachers are not limited to academics – we all know that. However, there are very few places where they get the recognition they deserve. We have tried making Saathi GEN a vibrant community where school teachers can finally get the recognition they so deserve. Here, teachers can share their experiences, learn from each other, host and attend various events, get certificates and endorsements for their work, and boost their credibility with parents by updating their profiles. Teachers can also win numerous awards for their work with students participating in Virtual Voyages.

Students from registered schools participate in our exclusive 4-week Virtual Voyages, collaborating with international students from multiple countries. Important life skills like teamwork, communication, peer-reviewing, researching, scientific process, critical thinking, and taking positive feedback, along with some professional skills such as marketing, interviewing, writing, and speaking are enhanced through this program. Students are put into a social-entrepreneurial simulation of a startup that focuses on solving global issues.

2. How to maximize benefits for schools?

    • Make sure your profile is completely verified and all optional fields are filled out.
    • Complete all the tasks in the Trust Meter checklist (click on your TM bar in the top-center).
    • Actively send connection requests to schools with similar goals and philosophy as yours. Start using your Wishlist to sort potential international collaborators.
    • Use prompts to easily message school officials instead of sending long emails.
    • Promote your school’s activities through Hot Schools Wires to gain more visibility and create a credible brand image.
    • Give and request endorsements from other members of the platform.
    • Print your school profile and share them with the parents of your students.
    • Print your teachers’ profiles and share them with various communities to highlight their achievements.
    • Use Virtual Voyages to apply for various awards and certificates.
    • Actively participate in Virtual Voyages to rank on the leaderboard that will be seen by all schools. (Feature Coming Soon)
    • Earn and showcase your badges, especially during the massive Annual Award Ceremonies and Conferences at the end of each academic year. This is the best way to gain media traction and international recognition. (Feature Coming Soon)

3. How to maximize benefits for students?

This one is simple. Sign up your students for Virtual Voyages that come with many major benefits:

  • Global Perspective – Students perform tasks catered to cultural collaboration and solve major problems with a focus on global issues, thus helping them understand the value of keeping the world in mind whenever they see a problem around them. We want to create thinkers, builders, innovators, planners, volunteers, and action takers out of them.
  • Teamwork – The pillar of any successful organization in existence, we teach students how to work as a team virtually (the pandemic changed how we work after all) as well as in person. They collaborate over various projects not only with classmates, but also with international students on a daily basis.
  • Problem Solving – There is a reason why we don’t call Saathi GEN an “E-Learning” company. It’s because our focus is not on teaching students the “what” or “why” behind things. There are many great educators out there who already do that. Instead, we focus on the “how” behind everything. How to do quality research and find credible resources? How to build a strong social media campaign and grab the attention of the audience? How to interview an expert? How to work as a team to produce a song? How to communicate effectively to save time on tasks? And many more! In general, when students participate in Virtual Voyages, they start seeing the problems around them and try to figure out ways on “how” to solve them. They learn ‘learning’.
  • Research and Peer Review – All the activities given to the students involve a lot of research on the back-end. We will not provide them the resources, but we will teach them HOW to find those resources. Students will be able to distinguish between good and bad datasets, understand the credibility of a source, think scientifically, and also review the work done by their peers from qualitative and quantitative perspectives.
  • Communication – This is an obvious one. When collaborating with students from many different nationalities, cultures and languages, communication will automatically develop as a part of the process. We initially engage students through gamified activities, and later on make them more independent and help them use their newly developed communication skills to interact with the real world.
  • College Applications and Scholarships – After finishing a Virtual Voyage, participants receive detailed certifications highlighting the skills they covered and the projects they built, in PDF format. This certificate is worth as much as a 3-month internship, and students can potentially get numerous of these in a span of 5 years from age 13 to 18. Just imagine the impact that these can have when applying for scholarships and applications in competitive universities. Gone are the days when academics and bookish knowledge was the only important factor in determining student success as we set new benchmarks for measuring it.

4. Is it free to use?

Yes, and no. We do give a 30-day free trial as part of any membership plan, but for a limited period of time we are also launching our Early Adopters Program. Any school registering between June 11, 2021 – July 10, 2021 will get a FREE annual membership.

After the free trial (or membership period) is over, the school is automatically charged for the respective membership fees.

5. Do you show annoying ads?

No, we don’t.

We do have sponsors for Virtual Voyages, but these sponsors integrate their content in the tasks that we give to the students. At no point will we ask students or anyone else to pay for any content that our sponsors will be providing. Students engage with various tools while working on different projects, and some of these tools might sometimes be sponsored by that company for educational purposes.

6. What is your policy regarding user data?

DISCLAIMER: This answer is only a short, unofficial summary and can be changed without notice. For details on how we use or store data, please go through our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

We make sure to not use any of your personal data for monetary benefits. We do not show ads. We do not use trackers on the app. We make sure that all communication is secure. We make sure that no third party is able to get to you without your specific permission. We make sure to give you the option of hiding sensitive information from schools that you are not connected with. We ensure that your students are in a safe and secure online environment, where their projects belong to them and not to anyone else. We make sure to not use your data in any manner outside of improving our own services and your experience, and to maintain the security of all members of the platform.

In short, we are firm believers in your Right to Privacy, and we will take every single step to the last inch to make sure that you are not affected in any negative manner because of the data you submitted on the platform.

7. Schools from what countries use Saathi GEN?

We have schools signing up from all parts of the world. Though, in the initial phase, we are focusing on the Subcontinent, North America and Europe. We are also trying to involve some South-East Asian, South American and African countries to participate.

We do not have any geological restrictions for schools. As long as you are able to verify yourself as the school admin, you can sign up from anywhere across the world. Our goal is to reach more than 100 countries by the end of 2022.

8. How are Virtual Voyages and Saathi GEN related to each other?

You can read all about Virtual Voyages here. These are separate activities that we are holding for students from the schools that have signed up on Saathi GEN, which is an online networking platform for schools in most simplified terms.

While Virtual Voyages are currently separate from the online platform, we are working hard on integrating them with Saathi GEN by the end of 2021. Once the integration is done, teachers will be able to add students directly on the platform and automatically match them with various international groups that are interested in similar skills and global issues.

Product Features

1. Explore Schools

If you have ever bought a product online, you would be familiar with this tool. Simply set the filters for the type of school that you wish to connect with, and then click on “Search” in order to get a list of schools that match your requirements.

For example, XYZ International School was looking for a girls’ boarding school located in Washington State in USA. Ideally, it should have more than 90% {Trust Meter} score, less than $20,000 annual school fees, less than 25:1 student-teacher ratio, and have interest in resolving global warming.

After setting these details in the Explore tool, XYZ was able to quickly get four results with an overview of each school’s profile. In order to maximize their success rate with collaboration, XYZ sent a connection request to all four schools and interacted with all the school admins. Finally, XYZ school was able to match bandwidth with ABC school and they invited their students for virtual exchange programs.

Note: For security purposes, we will not be showing the results of those schools that have hidden their tuition fees if the tuition fees filter is set to a value.

2. Connecting with Schools

To connect with another verified school at Saathi GEN, follow these steps:

1. Find the school that fits your requirements (either through the Explore tool or through Recommended Schools).

2. Click on the school’s name to visit its profile for details such as the school admin, location, contact info, school type, etc. Simply press the ‘Connect’ button to send a request, and include an optional note if you want.

3. You can also send connection requests directly from the Explore page, or through the Recommended Schools on your dashboard.

3. Instant Messaging

To send a message to another member, your school must be connected to that user’s school. Once that is taken care of, visit their school’s profile, click on “Staff” below the school name, and the click “Message”. Alternatively, you can also visit their profile and message them from there. Some prompts will already be given to you in order to break the ice and facilitate various programs between your schools.

4. Detailed School Profiles

The highlight of the platform, detailed school profiles provide you with all the information you need in order to facilitate international programs with other schools.

Your profile is your way of attracting other schools to partner up with you. The more information you can provide, the higher your Trust Meter will go. Your profile will be visible to all other members who can find you using the Explore tool. You can also view other school profiles by simply clicking on the school’s name.

School profiles include basic information such as school type (public, private, boarding, girls/boys/co-ed), location, contact, and school admin profile, along with specific details catering to international programs, such as student accommodations, international tuition and housing fees, school infrastructure and facilities, student-teacher ratio, past international collaborations, the type of collaboration they are interested in, school gallery, and much more.

This relieves you from the headache of finding schools with mutual interests and saves you a lot of time by giving you a complete overview of the schools within a few seconds. Keeping your security in mind, some of this information can be hidden from members who are not connected to you.

5. Detailed Teacher Profiles

Just like your school’s profile, you can also create a detailed profile for yourself. In the past, you might have experienced delays in international collaboration due to reasons such as slow communication, trustworthiness of the school and/or the admin, unfit criteria of the school, unmatched timelines, etc.

Saathi GEN solves all of these issues by giving you verified admin details for verified member schools so you can easily communicate and collaborate with those that match your requirements. Through detailed teacher profiles, you can learn a lot about them through info like contact details, designation, qualifications, years of experience, education philosophy, and endorsements.

6. Trust Meter

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a person you met online, but were not sure of the legitimacy of the person’s profile or organization? Did you ever feel insecure about your students when they applied to online education programs? How much time have you wasted in the past in simply verifying the person on the other side of an online collaboration?

The hallmark feature of Saathi GEN, Trust Meter takes care of all such worries, so you can sit back and relax while interacting with the member schools at Saathi GEN, especially because you can easily see their trustworthiness by the score assigned to them by the Trust Meter.

This feature works similar to credit score reports – it tells you how reliable a school profile is by giving it a score between 1-100 based on the following factors (more will be included in the near future):

  • No. of connections
  • Engagement and activity
  • Verification status of all members
  • Optional profile fields filled up or not
  • Activity of connected schools
  • Unique profile hits
  • Confirmed credentials of the school officials
  • Verified school awards and certificates from verified organizations
  • How recently the profiles were updated
  • Any current or past reports by other users
  • Endorsements received by their school’s users

We will also be manually verifying each school and cross-checking the information they provide on the platform with our own internal and external sources. Thus, you can put the responsibility of verifying the international schools you want to collaborate with on our shoulders.

In order to boost your Trust Score, you need to take care of all the points mentioned above, and make sure that you are using the platform in a regular and disciplined manner. The more you collaborate with others, the higher your trust meter will go.

7. Hot Schools Wire

Do you want to showcase some excellent online courses that are offered by your highly qualified teachers? Want to show off a recent award won by your school? Does your school boast of hosting the best Student Fair in your state? Or maybe your students won the International Olympiads? Are you proud of your alumni joining NASA and want to share this with others?

Post all such news and updates with your connections (and anyone visiting your school profile) through the Hot Schools Wire. These are short pieces that you can post in a slider on your school profile with customized buttons to redirect the visitor to the detailed article. You can also showcase any programs that you are currently accepting registrations for, and redirect the visitor to these registration forms.

On your Dashboard, you will be able to see all the Wires that your connections are posting in a slider. This way, you can stay updated with the events happening in your connected schools, while also keep everyone else updated about what’s happening at your school and showing off your achievements.

8. Recommended Schools

When you visit the Explore page for the first time, you will be prompted to fill out a short form of the kind of schools you are searching for. Based on your preferences and some other factors in our algorithm, we will recommend schools that we think are best suited for your goals. This list will be visible in the “Suggestions For You” box on your Dashboard. You can view their school profiles and send them connection requests right through this box.

9. Hide Sensitive Details

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure platform where you can easily find information that has been posted by verified school admins. This basic goal demands us to gather as much information about a school as possible to include on their profiles.

However, we do understand that some of you might be concerned about who can see this information and how this information can be used by others. We do encourage you to carefully go through the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions in order to find details on how this data will be handled on Saathi GEN. It is also answered in the FAQs section.

But, in order to make sure that any school official that you don’t trust can’t view certain personal information, we have given you the ability to hide certain information from those who are not in your connections. However, please note that once connected, all information submitted on your school profile will be visible to the other user.

By default, some information will already be marked hidden for your safety. This includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

  • Admin phone and email
  • Tuition fees
  • Housing details
  • Faculty profiles
  • School contact details

To change these options, simply go to your Settings and check or uncheck the available options under the “Hide Details” heading. You can also manage this by hovering over the information in “Your School” profile page.

10. Endorsements

Did you enjoy communicating with another school official on the platform? Were you impressed by their qualifications and skills? You can show your appreciation by clicking on “Endorse” right below their name when visiting their profile. Every time a user gets an endorsement, it helps boost their school’s Trust Meter. You can view the total number of endorsements a user has received at the bottom of their profile.

You can also request endorsements from people you have interacted with. Simply visit their profile, click on the three dots on the top-right of their profile picture card, and click on “Request Endorsement”. Once an endorsement is received, you also have the option of accepting or declining it before previewing it in your profile.


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