About Us

Saathi Global Education Network is an online platform designed to integrate international collaboration in a school’s daily routine. It is built by people who truly believe in having diverse thoughts, skillsets, origins, and ideas. We are here to do something powerful. We are here to bring a change.

Mission and Vision


At Saathi Global Education Network, we aim to provide school-going students with the exposure to the diversity that exists across the world. We aim to broaden their perspectives, enhance their communication capabilities, and facilitate cultural exchange to such an extent that the upcoming generations of humanity may unite stronger than ever.

This is by no means an easy goal, but none of us believe in not aiming for the sky. Our priorities lie in providing the schools that sign up on this platform the best service they can possibly get. We have a clear process that can be summed up in three words:


Join thousands of schools and students across the globe to learn about their cultures. The world is open to you and your students as you interact with people from all cultures, ages and genders.


Students from various countries form groups and collaborate internationally to work upon global topics using our customized 10-week curricula. This way we help in promoting cultural exchange.


School admins can build partnerships with various institutions. Teachers can co-learn by giving and attending workshops. Students learn about global issues and get international exposure.


Saathi Global Education Network is a bootstrapped company that started with CEO Kartik Sarda’s personal motivation to provide as many students the ‘international’ experience as possible. At first, the idea was simplistic in nature, but with more and more schools showing interest, it made sense to turn it into a bigger project with much bigger goals.

It is our firm belief that in order to resolve global issues, we need to spread the knowledge about the world at an early age. We need to encourage students to look at everything from multiple perspectives, and have a problem-solving attitude at heart.

While it is a tough task to achieve, we believe that technology and quality content is the way to go. We are not an E-Learning company, but an E-Collaboration company. We help every single stakeholder in the education sector across the world to interact with every other stakeholder. We are a platform that aims to shrink the world as fast as the invention of the wheel did.

Will you help us in this task?