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Global Perspective.

Saathi Global Education Network is a multi-service platform designed specifically to ease the process of International Collaboration for schools around the world, with the goal of building leaders of the future who can understand, accept, and respect each other.

Issues Addressed
To Ease Collaboration

Do the problems on the right sound familiar to you when connecting with international schools? Have you ever wanted to break your students’ local bubbles and make them global problem solvers?

Slow Communication

There are multiple steps involved in getting the attention of an international school official. You must find their legit contact info (email, phone, social, etc.). Then you reach out to them and wait for the reply, hoping that your requirements will match with theirs. Finally, after multiple rounds of communication, your teachers and students get involved for a few activities here and there.

We take this lag out of the equation and provide a seamless experience to all school officials involved.

School Verification

When collaborating internationally, you want to make sure that your students are in a safe space, especially for programs like Student Exchange. Normally, you would spend some time in verifying the details provided by another school, but on Saathi GEN you can quickly take a look at their Trust Meter and get an overview of how legit the information on their profile is.

Heavy Expenses

International Programs usually demand a lot of money from the school as well as from the students to be carried out successfully. It is one of the strongest limiting factors, especially for mid-tier schools, when collaborating globally.

Through Saathi GEN, you can almost entirely remove all of these expenses, and yet expose your students to hundreds of countries and cultures in an instant!

Teachers Overloaded with Work

Being a teacher is not easy, especially when the academic curriculum is expanding at a high rate. We understand and appreciate the hard work that teachers are doing around the world. However, they are limited to an extent by the school’s curriculum. Any additional work, such as holding international collaborations or focusing on the students’ professional skills can prove to be a major burden.

Thus, we take that responsibility away from teachers and provide your students with the exposure they need for all-round development without compromising academic enrichment.

Since the dawn of human civilization, we have tried to explore the world around us, limited only by the mode of transportation. Today, the world has shrunk due to internet and technology, and yet we can notice misunderstandings between people in the same countries, let alone around the world. To me, the solution to world peace is simple – remove these cultural misunderstandings from the root and build a generation of leaders that understand the value in diversity. You can’t achieve that with books, but give your students a diverse group of friends and see the difference yourself!

– Kartik Sarda, Director & CEO

Take A Look At Some Features

Global Recognition

Irrespective of location, facilities, infrastructure, or financial backging, all schools on Saathi GEN have the chance of getting recognized globally for their acheievements. Here, you become visible to thousands of students and educators around the world.

Detailed School Profile

We made sure that within a few seconds, you would be able to get all the details required for various international collaborations. These school profiles act like portfolios that are catered to global events and collaboration, thus saving you a lot of time.

Hot Schools Wire

Is your school promoting exchange programs? Maybe a cultural fest with live streaming? Or maybe one of your teachers is hosting a workshop for students. You can highlight all your school events and invite other officials to register with a click of a button!


Based on the requirements of your school, our intellient algorithms give you suggestions for potential connections. These are easily accessible through the dashboard, thus saving you the time of finding new schools to connect with.

Trust Meter

Our flagship feature, the Trust Meter is a score out of 100 that is given to each school based on their activity on Saathi GEN. The higher the score, the more reliable their information on their profiles. No more do you have to worry about the legitimacy of a collaboration.

Search & Filter

Are you looking to connect with schools in a certain country? Or maybe you want to collaborate for specific topics chosen for an award. Saathi GEN can help you find exactly what you need using the ‘Explore’ tool and easily connect with matching schools.


You can use Saathi GEN to highlight the acheivements of your teachers and staff members. Export detailed profiles for various awards, get certified for your collaborations, get endorsed by your peers, and showcase your past projects to the whole world!


Teachers and other school officials can host or attend informative workshops right on the platform. From inviting international guests to hosting promotional webinars, you can use Saathi GEN for increasing involvement in your school’s activities.

A Sneak Peek at Saathi GEN

Take a deeper look at how we are enabling schools to easily connect, collaborate and cultivate!


Explore Schools

Detailed School Profile

Detailed Teacher Profile

Trust Meter

Creating A Global Society

We are on a mission to connect the diverse population of the world, and thus we have the following goals to reach by April 2022.





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